Clock Tower Entry - with self-guided audio

From AUD $14.00
  • Location: Nannup, WA
  • Product code: NCT01

Available every day 9am-4.30pm - no booking required

Handmade out of timbers from our local forest and lovingly put together by hand over 7 years. The clock is 6 m high and 2 m wide sitting in a bespoke tower on the main street of Nannup. The clock is the largest wooden pendulum clock in the world and is made almost entirely of wood. Kevin Bird a local builder and master craftsman who build the clock describes his love of clocks and woodcraft in this audio tour.  

Three stories to listen to while you watch the mezmerising pendulum swing back and forth.  Story 1 is about Kevin and the clock and how it came to be, story 2 is the history of clocks and story 3 is the Longitude story about how clocks helped Captain Cook discover the east coast of Australia

Air Conditioned and seating available